UV EN IR 290

UV lamps and IR cameras

Easy check!

These products are often used to check both bills and other security documents. But did you know that credit cards, ID cards and other ID cards often have UV characteristics? A UV lamp can help you with this.

€ 1,89 CT 570 counterfeit pen
The classic

€ 14,00 CT 580 Mobile lamp
Mobile 4W UV lamp and flashlight

€ 20,50 CT 582
The bestseller within our range: small but powerful!

€ 38,50 UV-12
Checks banknotes and other official documents by UV and white light

Price on request CT 586
Powerful UV light, white light, MG sensor and a magnifier! The best !

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The new BC 242 SD: Ultimate multi-currency value counter now in stock!


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